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While the world is shifting quickly, our role is starting to cover wider area of logistics. Aichi Logistics is ready to provide the customers with efficient logistics systems and its outsourcing. Acting as a window from Asia to the entire world, at Aichi Logistics our salespeople possess a wide variety of specialized knowledge focusing on domestic transportation, allowing them to offer high‒quality services to our customers. We are also able to reliably fulfill any customer needs for domestic logistics, including export and import customs clearance and warehouse storage. We hope to continue becoming your professional partner in this field. With one-for-all, all-for-one, Aichi Logistics will pursue its goal to connect our life and the entire domestic logistics.

February, 2015

Aichi Logistics Corporation

Yamaoka, Norikazu

Company Information

Name Aichi Logistics Corporation
Headquarters ZC485-0822 1495-2, Nakata, Oazakamisue-Aza Nishimae, Komaki City, Aichi, Japan (MAP)
Phone 0568-78-1002
FAX 0568-78-1012
President Yamaoka, Norikazu
Established July, 1965
License Number Meirikuji No.8644
Capital 10 million JPY
Fiscal Year ends March
Annual Sales 3.3 billion JPY (2014)
Our bank Aichi Bank/Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Employee 83
Businesses Motor Truck Transportation
Automobile Transportation Handling
Car Carrier Speak
Automobile Transportation Use
Warehouse (Registration No.7447)
Major products PV Solar material
Domestic food material
Import food
Printed Matters, import clothes
Production-line parts/material
Medical goods
Industrial material

Group Company

Aichi Logistic Co. Ltd.

Headquarters ZC485-0806 1495-2, Nakata, Noguchi, Komaki City, Aichi, Japan (MAP)
Phone 0568-47-5757
FAX 0568-78-1012
Business Motor Truck Transportation
Recruiting Business No.23-306327