Total Support from BtoB to BtoC

Procurement Domestic plant

We provide varieties of drayage adjustments, customs clearance, and booking from your plants in Asia to domestic locations. We also work with nation-wide trucking network for smooth and speedy transportations of your products.

Product Management Our logistics locations Distribution Processing. Serial No. Management. Product Inspection. Inventory management through Cloud System.

Our service also includes distribution processing effort in warehouses such as product serial management. Our field of expertise includes PV products, where our staff is capable to conduct visual inspections to meet the tough requirement of Japanese customers. Our Cloud System enables the clients to track the transportation and to manage accurate inventory using notebook PC, tablet devices, and smartphones as well as office desktop machines.

Distribution Individual transportation Chartered trucks

We help to transport from small packages to large-size cargos. We can help you to transport any cargo quickly and properly, ranging from standard goods to even special goods with difficult handling procedures such as precision machinery or food products. We also address devanning-on-truck, which allows the clients to transport cargo without storing in the warehouse. The trucks include variety of sizes from 2t to 10t, with or without UNIC cranes.